I always get asked about switching to non-toxic brands for skincare and make-up as a way to support healthier hormones and detoxing, so I'm here to share my favorite...

Hello, Safer Skincare.

Safer Skincare and Better Beauty that ACTUALLY WORKS? 


I knew I had fallen in love. Between the mission of the company, the attention to detail and quality of the ingredients and manufacturing, and the fact that the products are beautiful, ideal for sensitive skin, and WORK. Making cleaner swaps to Beautycounter was as easy as can be.

My Skincare Favorites





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Learn More About Beautycounter's Mission

Founder, Gregg Renfrew, a mom and passionate advocate for clean beauty talks about her mission for the company, products, and how they continue to pave the way in the industry with integrity in the video below.


Be sure to also review "The Never List" of chemicals that are never found in Beautycounter products. This list is always being kept up to date as more research comes out so you can feel confident about the products.

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My Tips for Swapping

It can be overwhelming and expensive to simply rip out all your current products in search of better ones. It takes us time to hand pick our favorite makeup and skin-care for good reason! Here are my tips to do this safely, with the least amount of skin irritation and disruption, and in order to not go completely broke.

1. Take inventory of what you currently own, check it against EWG database if you're unsure if it's safe or not and see what will need to be replaced.


2. Know your skin type! Take the quiz below.


3. Look at what is running out soon and plan to research your swaps that way. I'm happy to help make personal recommendations if you'd like to shop with me as your Beautycounter consultant! (email me: alison@foodbymars.com)

4. Introduce the products slowly. Let's say it's a face wash, try using it once a day instead of twice and see how that goes. Don't use a bunch of new things all at once or you won't be able to pin point a reaction if having one.


5. Know that it can take time to adapt and for your skin to detox. Give it a week or so to get the hang of it unless you're having massive and obvious skin issues.


6. Work with a consultant who can help advise you! Contact me at: alison@foodbymars.com.

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Why I Switched

Hormonal Imbalances, PCOS, Hashimoto's Autoimmune Disease, and wanting to do what's best for my health and environment were the main drivers behind me switching to safer skincare.


I saw major benefits from slowly but surely making these healthier swaps:

  • I felt more confident using safer products that actually worked so I didn't have to compromise my beauty routine.

  • It supported everything else I was doing for more balanced hormones & fertility, chemicals and toxins are so sneaky and we often don't realize just how much they are messing with our body's chemistry and health since we use it daily. It makes a huge difference.

  • Less breakouts, hives, and hair loss, these symptoms are all cries for help from our body... as someone with sensitive skin and health issues, I could feel major shifts in these symptoms disappearing by cleaning up the products my skin was absorbing regularly.

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