Perfect timing! I was legit chugging my smoothie as this email came in. When I came up for air to pause, I was able to recognize I was beginning to feel full. This tip really hit home. Thank you :)


The results have been incredible. I have so much more confidence in making food choices and so much less anxiety around food. It's allowed me to really enjoy going out to eat again.


  • Food & Mood Journal

    You'll track your food, mood, and more to help get in tune with your body for the 5 days of the challenge with my snazzy free journal download.

  • Results + Community!

    Mindful Eating will undoubtedly surprise you! See improved digestion and a healthier relationship with your food and body through these game-changing practices. Come and chat with us inside the Private FB group for more support.

  • 5 Daily Videos + Emails

    Did you just join Charlie's Angels? Because you're getting a daily mission! (just 1 easy one a day, promise, to keep you on track).

Alison Marras, NTP, RWP

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