Get the Whole Equation for Restoring Your Gut Health

The Paleo Gut Healing Cookbook is your gut-reset guidebook. Inside, Alison Marras shares a 14-day meal plan, 75 delicious recipes, food lists, & gut-healing strategies.

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What if using the Paleo template to heal and support your gut was straight-forward and delicious?

Restoring gut health is one of the key tenets of the Paleo diet. By removing allergy-provoking, nutrient-devoid foods such as grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, and artificial ingredients, generalized inflammation in the body is reduced, gut health is restored, and autoimmune symptoms symptoms are alleviated.

However, what to eat is only part of the equation; to restore digestive health, we also need to replicate how our paleolithic ancestors ate. Modern-day eating habits such as: eating quickly, eating while stressed, eating too many different types of foods at one meal, and eating at the wrong times of the day can negate even the most nutritious diet.

“ Alison brings her personal and professional experience, combined with her love of food into this approachable cookbook, jam-packed with delicious recipes! She’s making a gut-healthy lifestyle more practical, breaking down the foundations for you so it’s attainable and joyful.”

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D.

New York Times best-selling author of The Paleo Approach

I cannot get enough of this book! Alison is an amazing nutritional therapy practitioner that knows how to give it to you straight, yet lovingly guide you to better health. I would trust any of my patients in Alison's hands. She's found a unique way to help heal the gut by addressing the stressors that can lead to gut issues, while eating delicious meals along the way

Dr. Becky Campbell

Author of The 4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan and The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan

Inside The Paleo Gut Healing Cookbook, you'll find...

75 Paleo and AIP-friendly Recipes & Food Lists

You'll enjoy trying favorite Paleofied dishes like Chicken Zoodle Soup, Puerto Rican Pastelón, Greek Moussaka, Chicken Pad Thai, No-churn Blueberry Cardamom Nice Cream, Cranberry Orange Flourless Muffins... and more! There's something for everyone with a gut healthy twist

The 14-day Gut Reset Meal Plan

You'll get started in the kitchen confidently with the Paleo and AIP-friendly recipes, using the full 2-week Meal Plan to reset your gut-- boosting your energy, beating bloat, and strengthening the root of your healtth.

10 Key Strategies for Optimal Gut Health

You'll learn the top 10 key digestive strategies to address both the “what to eat” and “how to eat,” including:

  • Rhythmic Eating/Interval Fasting to allow gut-repair time between meals
  • Mindful Eating to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (“Rest & Digest” state) for more efficient breakdown of food
  • Food Combining to optimize absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

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Paleo/AIP Meal Prep Plan with Grocery List

Don't wait for the book to cook for your gut! Use this done-for-you 1-week plan with exclusive recipes, a grocery list, and meal prep checklist to get in and out of the kitchen with ease.


Printable Food & Mood Tracking Journal

Get access to an easy-to-use printable food and mood journal to track your gut health. Using this for just a week can provide so much insight to your symptoms and key trends with certain foods. It's a must!


Magical Meal Templates for Simplified Cooking

8 Flexible templates to make cooking a breeze with whatever ingredients you have in your kitchen. Includes my beloved Sheet Pan Formula, Stir Fry Template, Low Sugar Smoothie Guide, and so much more. 

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“ Alison Marras is my go-to gal for non-dogmatic gut health wisdom and clean, comforting recipes. This book delivers on all fronts and is GORGEOUS to boot! It is an invaluable resource for navigating a restrictive AIP diet - one that won't force you to cook a second meal for your family!”

Phoebe Lapine

Author of SIBO Made Simple and The Wellness Project

“ I have known Alison for years and watched her grow and develop into the professional she is today. Alison has created an amazingly easy-to-use digestion-friendly cooking and nourishing guide. If you need to adjust your diet due to food sensitivities or autoimmune issues, I highly recommend this cookbook.”

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, D.O.

Founder of Muscle Centric Medicine

Heal your gut for good with the recipes and strategies in 

The Paleo Gut Healing Cookbook.

Meet the Author...

Alison Marras, NTP, RWP

Alison is the creator of, where she shares delicious gut-loving Paleo and AIP-friendly recipes and resources to make healing with real food a stress-free lifestyle, filled with joy and flavor.


Alison is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and passionate cook living in New York City with her husband and daughter. She's been successfully managing her Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, PCOS, and Chronic Digestive issues for a decade through nutrition and lifestyle... and has supported hundreds of people to do the same. This book is a culmination of her best advice and recipes!


Connect with Alison at and @foodbymars on social media.

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